Since its establishment on March 1, 2015, LGICT has been adapting to the dynamic requirements of the logistics industry. The terminal offers a wide array of services that support both international and domestic distribution of goods from various manufacturing companies located in Southern Luzon.


LGICT Services
  • Import Off-Dock Customs Facility (OCF) Transfer from MICT to LGICT

  • Import Customs Cleared Transfer from MICT to LGICT

  • Export Drop-off Service from LGICT to MICT

  • Containerized and Out-of-Gauge Container Yard Storage & Handling Services

  • Domestic or Local Cargo Storage & Handling Services

  • Live Reefer Plug Ins

  • Open Yard Stripping & Stuffing

  • Container Freight Station/Warehouse Services:

    • Cross-docking Operations (Stripping & Stuffing)

    • Loose Cargo Storage

  • Trucking Services

  • Chassis Leasing

  • Container Leasing

  • Empty Container Depot

  • ISO Tank Cleaning Facility

  • ISO Tank Pre-Heating Facility


LGICT Standard Trading Conditions: LGICT STC 2022


  • Off-Dock Customs Facility as an alternative solution for temporary staging area for customers to use
  • LGICT's proximity to the major PEZA zones in Southern Luzon to achieve a Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery
  • Offers Container Yard Management for Finished goods and Raw Materials
  • Provides clients with cargo visibility through daily inventory and movement reports 
  • Faster truck turn around time in between LGICT to Southern Luzon locators (Short Trips)
  • Rationalize costs such as:
    • Port Storage
    • PPA Storage Penalties
    • Shipping Line Demurrage Charges
    • Trucking Fees
    • Others
  • Provides control on the actual cargo costs:
    • Fixed and/or Variable Expense 
  • Supports the companies production expansion by increasing the warehouse or production capacity and output
  • Provides additional space as an extended facility to address the fluctuating import and export volume
  • Acts as a Risk Mitigation facility 
  • Provides companies an alternative to long-term investments on warehouse lease contracts and/or constructing their own container yard
  • Provides wider market coverage for import, export and even domestic distribution of goods

LGICT is currently coordinating with the Philippine National Railway (PNR) for the revival of the freight train connectivity from MICT to LGICT. The freight train project will change the logistics landscape that will be beneficial to all importers and exporters located in the Laguna and Batangas area.